Cedar Park's Best Martial Arts SCHOOL

We inspire students to become more successful in life by exciting them to reach new heights in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of being.  Through our practice and teaching we improve our student’s self-confidence, humility, and compassion towards humankind.  In so doing, we will help achieve world peace one person at a time.

Summer Camp

Nunan’s Martial Arts summer camp is ACTION PACKED!

Your children will be exposed to a wide variety of martial arts activities which teach self-discipline, respect, confidence, focus and leadership… all in a fun and safe environment.

After School Program

Safe and dependable martial arts and fitness focused after school program. We transport from LISD elementary schools to our martial arts school.

Preschool Martial Arts

The perfect blend of building gross motor skills and having TONS of fun! Our preschool martial arts program teaches the same traditional martial arts as our youth and adult programs, just on their level!

Our preschool students grow in their focus, respect, and ability to follow directions. Their confidence and self-efficacy will soar!

Youth and Teen Martial Arts

Our Youth and Teen Martial Arts classes provide each student with essential life skills, along with the techniques of Traditional Martial Arts that will increase their discipline, fitness and confidence.

Our classes provide children with a safe and positive learning environment. We treat our students with respect and encourage them in a positive manner to attain the goals they strive to achieve.

Family Martial Arts

Families that train together stay together!

Family programs at Nunan's Martial Arts develop team spirit.  Our discounted family membership is designed to develop and strengthen the unity of the entire family. 

80% of our students train with other members of their family.  Our programs help to create a strong family bond by  instilling a life-long loyalty.  The whole family can learn to live up to their full potential.

Adult Martial Arts

Nunan's Martial Arts offers well balanced programs for adults that emphasize self esteem, fitness and integrity. We have the best Adult Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness programs available.

Classes are high energy, exciting and motivating. It's never too late to get started, whether you're 21 or 61, we have a class and program that's just right for you.

why CHOOSE Nunan's Martial Arts?

Since we’ve opened, we’ve been dedicated to changing the lives of people one person at a time, through martial arts, education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in Cedar Park. We take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels. Throughout all of our programs, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves, we stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life.

Martial Arts School | Nunan's Martial Arts in Cedar Park

"This place is a great place for your child. The instructors are so great at teaching children hard work while making it fun too. "

"Master Nunan’s a very talented martial artist with a wealth of knowledge in the martial art of Tang Soo Do."

"This is where instruction, focus, attention to detail, discipline, and self esteem from accomplishment are created and nurtured."

"Family friendly while maintaining high standards and excellent competitors"

"My son has learned alot from his Instructors"

Nunan's Martial Arts

Cedar Park

We’re located at 2051 Cypress Creek Rd. A, stop by and say hello!

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